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About Patsy Pelaia

Patsy Wakefield Pelaia carries sunshine in her pocket!  She has traveled the world and her sparkle creates fun and magic wherever she goes.

Raised in Key Biscayne, Florida, Patsy’s childhood was spent under the sun and in the water, swimming, waterskiing, sailing, fishing, and challenging friends in outdoor sports. In middle school Patsy moved to Coral Gables and excelled in horseback riding, dancing and adding to her friendship circles.  

Patsy attended Stephens College and the University of Miami and later moved to Ft. Lauderdale where she became an involved Mom, a good cook and an avid fund-raiser for the worthwhile charities.

In 1985 Patsy moved to Aspen, Colorado where she resides today.  Moving from surf to snow proved to be yet another challenge and she became a downhill and Nordic skier. She continues to ride her beautiful horse and tours the breath-taking mountains with friends and her beloved dog, Bella.   Patsy also enjoyed working at the Historic Hotel Jerome for 19 years.  

After moving seasonally to La Quinta, California she fell in love with pickleball which they play into the western sunset!

Patsy dedicates this book to her three grandchildren, Havens, Lorelei and Savannah, the sweetest pickles on the planet!


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